One of the biggest problems independent consultants have is budgeting their time to get things done, which includes trying to get new clients and customers for their services. It’s something we’ve all struggled with from time to time myself. However, I’m one of those people who works well with systems, and, though this is something different, I feel it’s worth recommending something that might help.

Get Clients Now by C. J. Hayden is both a book and a full marketing program that helps individuals work towards getting new clients, keeping clients you already have, and working on things that might help your business in the long run. The book gives tips that every consultant can use, but for me, the most important thing the book has is a form that you can set up that will help you track and score your efforts on a monthly basis.

The form starts out scoring how you feel each day. You don’t have to do that, but if you really want to get a feel for how you work during the day it’s not a bad thing to complete. After all, some days you’re just not feeling it, while others you are, and if you follow the sheet along you might notice some patterns in how you work.

Next there’s an area called Success Ingredients, where you get to define how you’ll see the month as being successful. You get to list 3 things, and you can track them by if you worked on them at all on a particular day or how much of a percentage of progression you’ve shown towards that particular task.

The next part is the meat of the form. This is where you list 10 things you want to work on during the month. You can list daily actions or something you want to do so many times a week. Here your answers are always either Y or N. If you complete your actions early enough in the week you get to put a Y for all the remaining days of that week, or even the month if it was a project you were working on that you wanted to complete. You tally all these things up because on the last line after the 10 items you count how many times you put a Y in the box.

The last two areas are for you to categorize what your main program goal is for the month, then something called Special Permission. On mine, I have as my monthly goal certain monetary numbers I want to hit, and my special permission, outside of general business, is to allow myself to be healthy and exercise; after all, we can’t work all the time.

The book explains things so much more and is a great read. The website linked to above offers other things, including a newsletter. If you need discipline and will follow a schedule, you should check this one out.

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