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Starting, expanding and running a business is challenging. Small business entrepreneurs have to know who to go to for specialized assistance. Many consultants use the term “BAIL Team:” to describe the essential team members.

The professionals that are chosen must be proficient in business dealings.

It is perfectly realistic to interview and shop around for BAIL Team members that your business can feel comfortable with. It might be a good idea to see if there is a charge for the initial meeting. Insurance agents cannot charge. They make their money when you buy. Remember, you will be looking for someone to form a long term relationship with and who can help throughout your business cycle.

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Give me a “B!”

Bank (or Credit Union) – Small business owners need a bank. Banks process deposit, maintain accounts and allows for a place to consult for seed money or working capital. Bankers generally have specialties thrust upon them by their superiors. The branch manager will most likely not be the one you will deal with for a commercial loan.

Give me an “A!”

Accountant – Want to lower your business’ chances of an audit? Accountants help keep your filings timely which keeps your business on track. Accountants are familiar with best practices of general business and category-specific information.

Give me an “I!”

Insurance – Protect and cover the assets your business has worked so hard to create. Adequate insurance is crucial to manage risk and provide proper coverage. Insurance agents must be licensed.

Give me an “L!”

Lawyer/Attorney – A proper question helps legal risks from becoming legal problems. Be sure the attorney is very familiar with business dealings and licensed to practice.

Anyone else?

Yes, how is your business marketing itself? Each of the professionals listed above are essential to small business. However, each of the individuals and their specialties are designed to protect the small business. Having a consultant or team member experienced in small business marketing is essential to help bring in prospective leads and close sales more easily.

Want to know more?

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