On December 9th, we had a presentation by Troy Evans of 16th Avenue Inc talking about the concepts of co-working, co-living and One Million Cups Syracuse style, and how each could apply to consultants in a much different way than most of the people in the room had ever thought of.


The first concept came under the name of Syracuse Coworks. In essence, it's an open working space where people who work independently can go, set up their laptops or computers, and not only do their work but be surrounded with a lot of other independent business people doing the same. What it offers is the chance to talk to other people who aren't potential customers and bounce ideas off, something that doesn't happen all that often when we work out of our homes. It also gives people a chance to have a conversation face to face and possibly even go to lunch or to grab a cup of coffee.

That's not the only reason it's unique. For only $100 a month you have access to free high speed wi-fi, there's a conference room, a space where you can put on a small event or presentation, a soundproof space if you want to do podcasting or videos, and even a few individual offices; those will cost you a little more than the $100 though. True, it's downtown Syracuse on Jefferson Street, but if you're bored or going stir crazy at home this is a great and inexpensive option to consider.

Next Troy talked about CommonSpace, which is the co-living piece. This consists of 2 floors of one bedroom apartments of only 300 square feet of space. Once outside that you have common areas such as a large kitchen, living room type areas, game rooms, movie area and a place to work out. These units are both short and long term lease and of course the wi-fi is free.

The initial expectation was that 50% of the people living there would also be working in the downstairs space, but it's turned out that only 15% of the residents work in the Coworks area. Most of the people are 3 month short term residents from out of the area, including some from other countries. The age ranges are from 26 to 55, with 4 couples living there.

The starting price is around $800 a month, and once a week there's a group dinner and once a month a group event. Troy mentioned that his hope was to create an internal neighborhood more than just another apartment complex.

The final piece of his presentation concerned One Million Cups, which was actually started in Kansas City by the Kauffman Foundation a few years ago. It's intention was to be more of a think tank for up and coming businesses that wanted an opportunity to present their business to a group of other independent business people and then ask their advice on promotion, marketing, the product itself… pretty much anything.

Presentations are between 5 and 6 minutes and then it's questions and recommendation time. It happens at the same time everywhere across the country (Wednesdays at 9AM) depending on time zone and the coffee and hot chocolate are free. One thing Syracuse Coworks offers (it might be offered elsewhere but we're not sure) is that anyone who comes on Wednesdays can use the co-working space for free that day, which is pretty cool.

The members loved this presentation because it offers something that most consultants could use. Getting out of the house every once in a while can be a good thing, and it's hard to beat the $100 a month price (other than going to the library) and the opportunity to talk to someone during the day (which the library would frown on). It's learning about things like this that makes PCA of CNY such a special group to belong to.


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