If there was a new Robin Hood story, what consistent elements would be present? We would expect him to rob from the rich and gave to the poor. We would expect him to perform feats of daring, through spectacular archery and fencing skills. We would expect the legend and what we know to be the Robin Hood we already know and enjoy.

What if we change the story just a little?

John Hunt
John Hunt

Consistent doesn’t mean boring. Consistent means dependable. Is your message dependable for your prospect? Do you convey the same reassuring message? Do you regularly solve that prospects problem through a benefit of your business? The legend of Robin Hood doesn’t change. The Robin Hood message is consistent. Your business must be consistent in messaging too.

How do we develop a consistent message?

Start simple. What does your business always do? What do you never do? Do you have a good story about how you helped a customer or client? Does that story demonstrate what your business will always do to help prospective customers or clients? That good simple story is the beginning of a consistent message for your business.

Why does the business need a story?

Stories help reinforce the message consistency. Plus, people will remember the story more easily than they will facts about your business. People will remember the story and more easily repeat it to others when they see your business will be a benefit to them.

What should be done with the story?

Tell that story to your best qualified, most profitable prospects. Make sure the story reinforces the benefits of your business. Tell that same consistent story in all your marketing and advertising pieces. Make sure your employees are telling that story to people hearing their elevator pitch to people that call the business or walk through the door.

Be consistent and be more profitable.

Written by John Hunt

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