SWB Consulting Services

99 Thompson Street
Fayetteville, NY 13066


Sara Wall Bollinger

PCA Member Since 2014

Credentials / Proficiencies

Sara Wall Bollinger's practice is focused on leadership development, revenue diversification, strategic planning and grant writing.

She has worked in a consulting capacity with nonprofit agencies, federaly qualified Community Health Centers and several County and State departments, councils and advisory boards in the areas of health, mental health, long term care, early childhood education, disability rights, child welfare and veterans affairs.

Sara is a Health Leadership Fellow and a graduate of Leadership Greater Syracuse.  She has a Master's degree from Colgate University.

Business Information

Founded in 2013

Business Category: Strategic Planning; Leadership Development; Grant Writing; Revenue Diversification; Fractional Staffing

Consulting Specialty

SWB Consulting Services offers a customized approach to organizational development and capacity building.  We tailor our approach to your needs.

Services Offered

We provide value to clients through effective listening, analysis and presentation. Services include group facilitation, interviews, focus groups, surveys, research, writing and presentation.  

Thanks to some recent experience, we can also help with organizational restructuring, downsizing, affiliations, mergers and dissolutions.

Our focus is on your mission.

Services include:

  • Stakeholder interviews, surveys and/or focus groups
  • Facilitation of discussions between two entities
  • Not-for-profit agency strategic planning
  • Board development
  • Grant proposal research and writing
  • Change management
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership training
  • Interim or fractional staffing

Typical Problems Solved

First, we help clients understand the actual problem they want to solve. Sometimes the true problem is disguised by its consequences.

Once there is consensus and understanding of the problem, we move to finding solutions.

The types of solutions clients have found with the assistance of SWB Consulting Services include:

  • diversification of revenue
  • developing a strategic plan
  • integrating information technology into day-to-day operations
  • moving from 'big ideas' to 'acheivable execution'
  • going out of business

What problem may we help you solve?