T.T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc.

111 Woodspath Road
Liverpool, NY 13090


Mitch Mitchell

PCA Member Since 2002

Credentials / Proficiencies

  • Thirty years in health care; consulting since 2001
  • President of Mid York Medical Management Association, affiliated with the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management
  • Member of board of directors of ARISE
  • Board Member of Professional Consultants Association of Central New York
  • Multiple published articles in national magazines, author of leadership book, 2 keynote presentations
  • Writer of over 4,000 articles online including the blogs I'm Just Sharing and Mitch's Blog

Business Information

Founded in 2001

Business Category: Health Care; Leadership; Social Media

Consulting Specialty

T. T. Mitchell Consulting, Inc is an incorporated business offering services in 3 different fields. 

As a health care finance consultant, Mitch Mitchell travels across the country working with hospitals to increase their revenue and cash flow, as well as make sure their processes are compliant with all governmental regulations. 

As a leadership and business consultant he works with both individuals and companies by putting on training programs in the area of leadership, diversity, customer service and other business topics. He has traveled across the country putting on programs doing speaking engagements. 

As a social media consultant he works with individuals and small businesses to help them learn the nuances of social media networking and marketing and offers suggestions to help them compete with other businesses online. Also, presently the webmaster for PCA of CNY.


Services Offered

  • Health Care revenue cycle services, especially charge master, charge capture, outstanding receivables reduction and increased cash collections
  • Executive training and coaching in all personal business areas
  • Speaking engagements and seminars