G A Puzey Consultants

5745 East Lake Road
Cazenovia, NY 13035-9324

Contact Information

O: (315) 655-3101
E: gpuzey@aol.com

George A. Puzey

PCA Member Since 1999

Credentials / Proficiencies

  • Over 25 years business experience in business development, marketing research, planning (strategic, marketing, operational), and executive leadership positions.
  • Worked with hundreds of managers in strategic situations that varied from an International company dominant in its industry, to a company dominant in their geography, to a company that succeeded by dominating niches ignored by the majors.
  • Have conducted analyses for e-commerce companies and advised their management on changes to leverage the findings.

Professional Affiliations

  • Interim Executive Director, Professional Consultants Association of Central New York
  • Member, Institute of Management Consultants
  • Member, Engineer, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers


B.S. and M.S. in Agricultural Engineering, University of Illinois.  Graduated cum laude.

Business Information

Founded in 1999

Business Category: Strategic Management; Marketing Research & Analysis

Consulting Specialty

Business success specialists – helping clients take their company to the next level by enabling them to “see” their business from strategic, operational, and detailed perspectives for better understandings and decisions.  An innovative leader in the creation of Twenty-first Century tools to help decision-makers combine market, competitive, company, and other relevant data into actionable information and usable decision-support systems.

Services Offered


  • Strategic management systems
  • Facilitate the rapid exchange of individual experiences and expertise among team members to rapidly create and use new group knowledge
  • Expansion/divestiture planning & analyses
  • Upgrading M.I.S to S.I.S. (Strategic Information System).
  • Representing the P & L statements for multi-locations on a one page visual (financial/operating results for all locations on one page)
  • Strategic planning/implementation control
  • Capital/investment planning & prioritization
  • Merger, acquisition, strategic partner prospect analyses/selection
  • Help e-commerce executives apply basic business concepts to virtual businesses.


  • Brand equity measurement and enhancement
  • Customer loyalty measurement and improvement
  • Brand positioning
  • Strategic marketing analyses & planning
  • Customer segment identification and service improvement strategies
  • Marketing research & analyses
  • Advertising effectiveness measurement, analyses, planning
  • Location specific strategies
  • Large area market screenings
  • Site location models and analyses
  • Sales performance assessment systems
  • Territory analyses/alignments
  • Help e-commerce executives apply basic marketing concepts to virtual businesses.


  • Performance analysis/improvement strategies
  • Key success factor identification/performance management systems
  • Continuous improvement systems
  • Visualize and leverage any geospatial data (geographic, networks, critical paths, human organizations, etc.) against other enterprise data


Typical Problems Solved

Created Strategic Analysis Tools in Several Different Industries

  • Tools proven effective in several very different industries -- residential energy; specialty store retailing (yard, garden and pet products); agriculture (animal feeds and crop needs), and e-commerce.
  • Managers at all levels reported significant improvements when decisions were consistent with the tool’s strategic information.
  • Tool shows -- on one page -- all the information needed for any specific strategic decision.

Capable of Both Broad, Strategic Thinking and Detailed, Tactical Execution

  • Co-authored presentation that led to expansion of an energy company into deregulated natural gas and electricity businesses.
  • Facilitated multiple strategic planning teams in wide range of businesses and company divisions during each planning cycle.  Commended by experienced executives for helping them gain new insights into ways to improve competitive position and financial results.
  • Created unique strategic management information system based on customer satisfaction process that identifies the factors with the most impact on company reputation and profits.  Outside experts found the process unique and less costly.

Creative, Original Thinker

  • Analyzed hundreds of business problems and opportunities.  Often discovered new, unique, strategic solutions.
  • Solved a sales opportunity by creating a "modified" roller car program that reduced operating cost by ninety percent.  Distribution cost savings enabled company to sign and keep a major new account.

Leadership Skills

  • Worked successfully with all levels and backgrounds -- Board of Directors, managers, employees, and customers - business, social and religious organizations.
  • Chaired groups of all compositions and sizes from planning committees, to teams of employees, to customer/ prospect sales meetings, to professional organizations, to church boards.
  • Administered marketing research program for an energy company for several years.  Advertising changes based on the research resulted in major improvement in company’s market positioning and reputation -- confirmed by tracking studies.
  • Taught hundreds of managers at all levels how to use customer feedback to continually improve company reputation and operating results.
  • Sales, marketing, and management experience in a very wide range of business situations.

Facilitation Skills

  • Facilitated information exchange between two key executives that led to investment in a modern production facility.  The new facility enabled the division to grow from a minor contributor to corporate profits to the second largest contributor.
  • Spoke before audiences of several hundred people on a wide range of subjects.  Made seminar presentations before Advertising Research Foundation, Institute for International Research, and Total Research Corporation clients/prospects.
  • Testified before State regulatory agencies on energy regulations.
  • Negotiated “legal letter ruling” from state official to protect company from unjust fines and penalties in later audits.  Over $750,000 in potential savings.