Brunner Business Consulting LLC

5568 Amidon Rd
LaFayette, NY 13084

Contact Information

O: (315) 657-1123
C: (315) 657-1123

Roy Brunner

Managing Member
PCA Member Since 2016

Credentials / Proficiencies

45 years of business experience in several industries including working for a major accounting firm; several management positions at a large public utility (auditing, contracts, business development); CEO of an energy marketing and trading company; executive business consultant in the energy industry; leasing and construction management in retail development; EVP and COO for a startup commercial real estate firm; CEO of a Christian Ministry; and set up of several LLCs and S Corps. BS in Accounting.

Business Information

Founded in 2015

Business Category: Business development; financial modeling; contracts; negotiations; organization; planning; start-up; management consulting

Consulting Specialty

I can take an independent look at a business and provide assistance whether it is still in the conceptual stage, a recently started new business or a company that is already established. Working with clients we can evaluate strengths and weaknesses, articulate goals and strategy, set up the organization structure, draft business plans, perform financial analysis, produce proforma financial statements, review cointracts and deal with many other business issues. As a mentor I also can consult regarding leadership, management, raising capital, negotiations, risk management and controls.

Services Offered

Consulting and mentoring:

Business planning, setting up the organization, banking and finance, assistance in sourciing capital, financial simulations for decision making, supporting meetings with investors, lenders and contractors, objective assessments of capabilities, risk mitigation, setting up accounting systems and controls. establishing contracting and procurement functions.


Typical Problems Solved

Deciding to proceed with a new business or with a major change in strategy; preparing cash flow forecasts, budgets and other financial statements; determining if and how much capital is needed and how to obtain it; restructuring, merger acquisition and partnership issues; applying for grants and tax credits; setting up functional departments, procurement organization and policies; solving leadership and management problems; setting up risk controls and accounting systems. Decisions on buying or leasing property. Support in negotiations with lessors, contractors, lenders, etc.