• Ongoing Professional Training

    Experts from the community are regular presenters at PCA meetings

    Professional training is part of the regular PCA of CNY meetings
  • High Professional & Ethical Standards

    Honesty and integrity are important to us

    Code of Ethics1

Professional Consultants Association of Central New York

The Professional Consultants Association of Central New York (“PCA”) helps regional, national, and international businesses and organizations locate professional consulting services based in the Central New York area. Our members serve a variety of outsourcing needs economically, efficiently, and according to the highest professional standards.

PCA enables independent consultants to come together and learn more about the business of consulting, hear high level presentations by skilled specialists, continue professional growth, network with each other, and share case studies of success, trial and error.

Every member of PCA is an experienced and qualified professional, independent of the constraints that large consulting organizations can put upon their employees. Some members have traveled across the United States and the world, and have helped their clients increase revenues, reduce expenses, create new products and processes, or improve existing products and processes.

PCA can put professional consultants in touch with a variety of resources and personal contacts to help their business and clients grow.