One of the biggest problems consultants have is getting a handle on marketing. Even sales consultants can find themselves fighting an uphill battle here and there, and they have the skills to know how to get over the hump more than a lot of other types of consultants.

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The truth is it’s a different world and harder to get through to potential clients. And sometimes we don’t have all the time we need or know of all the different ways to break through the barriers.

Some of these ideas you might have tried, some you might have thought about, and some might be totally new to you. They’re presented as ideas to at least think about; let’s go:

1. Broadcast media. I know what you’re thinking because I’ve often thought the same thing. That is, until John Hunt came in and talked at one meeting about advertising on local radio and TV. He also gave us some great marketing perspectives to consider while we’re trying to market our businesses.

2. Social media. If you’re not comfortable with social media someone younger and hungrier is and they’re going to pass you by. Nothing says you need to be on 24/7, but having a presence could be very important. And even if all you do is find a way to see what people are saying or asking in your niche and responding here and there, at least you’ll have opportunities to show your proficiency.

3. Virtual assistants. Do you know what these are and how they can benefit you? They’re literally office help you can pay to handle, well, office work. What kind of office work helps with marketing? When it’s just you as a sole proprietor it means taking a lot of time away from your profession to mail letters or email; phone calls are a different animal.

VA’s will handle all your office projects… for a price, which you can negotiate. As it pertains to marketing, you could have them send out letters to your potential clients once a week so you don’t have to do it. You can pay them to do cold calling for you, though they’d be basic calls. There are some you can hire to take your phone calls if you’re getting more calls than you can handle. So many ways to use others to help you make money.

4. Newsletters. I hear some people now saying they don’t know how to write. Newsletters aren’t about writing; they’re about information. If you can put together a newsletter where you share links to things that pertain to your business and comment on them, maybe images, or even short commentary like one that George Chapman, one of our PCA members, writes and sends out to the health care community. It’s not only helpful but it’s marketing that’s a bit more subtle and, if it’s offering good information, might be shared with others, helping to spread your influence.

5. Live presentations. Nothing says you have to do 4-hour seminars but in every city in the country there are groups looking for someone to present something that can help their members, even if it’s only 15 minutes or so. You probably won’t get paid for something like that but you’ll get the opportunity to let people know more about your business and, if you take questions, once again show your knowledge and expertise in your field. Even PCA offers all members an opportunity to have 10 to 15 minutes to talk about their business and what they do or a topic that pertains to their business. Any time you get the opportunity to talk about yourself and your business take it!

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