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“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time” – Henry Ford


Successful small businesses know advertising is an essential business plan component. For over ten years we’ve presented marketing workshops in conjunction with the Small Business Development Centers in Oswego and Onondaga Counties. These workshops are designed to help small businesses design the marketing chapter of their business plans.

We know that successful worldwide brands like Coke and Microsoft are household names. So why do they continue to advertise and market their products when they dominate their respective categories? Because – if they don’t, there is a better chance consumers will forget about the products and services over time. Marketing at this stage is designed to continue the brand experience in between the times when a consumer uses the product or service.

“That’s true, but small businesses don’t have the budget or resources that million dollar companies have.”

The principles that these successful companies use are the same principles all businesses are encouraged to use. Successful small businesses look at the patterns and strategies and adapt them for their own campaigns.

Start by looking at how the customers buy. What brings them to the small business? Follow the pattern.

Eventually, the small business will recognize the whole customer buying cycle. Now, focus the advertising at various points or milestones of the buying cycle so that the buying cycle will compress and encourage more frequent transactions.

“Our small business doesn’t have money to throw away on advertising. It needs to work.”

Our company believes all media works if it is used properly. If we know how customers buy from the business, our team can look at those patterns and help improve the buying cycle. There are patterns in every industry. If we compare our research with local small business’ trends, we will help see these patterns more clearly. Knowing these patterns brings about better results from advertising and marketing.

Want to know more?

Let’s review your business’ customer buying cycle at no obligation. Call us at 315-472-0222 or email me at to arrange a meeting with a member of our team. Or – if you have a group or trade organization that would like to host one of the small business marketing workshops at no cost and no obligation, we are scheduling appearances for summer and fall 2016 right now.

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