Last month we had the pleasure of having as our guest speaker Angela Moonan, Founder and Principal of Blue I Marketing. Her talk was on finding ways of telling your corporate story in your marketing.

Angela Moonan
Angela Moonan

Stories are a great way of communicating with an audience because they can be memorable. Make them funny, touching, or epic and, depending on the business, you might be able to achieve success in marketing and get more clients.

Of course you have to have a sense of how to tell a story as well as making sure the story you tell fits your business and your potential clientele. Angela gave us an example of how one company does it, Pixar, by providing us some of the 22 Rules of Storytelling the company follows with each and every movie, and since they’ve never had a failure it seems to be a good place to start. One great point that some of our members found intriguing was #5: Simplify. Focus. Combine characters. Hop over detours. You’ll feel like you’re losing valuable stuff but it sets you free.

She also pointed out how there are many celebrities we know better than others, not necessarily because of their wealth but because of the stories they can tell about their backgrounds and their rise to stardom. For instance, we know that George Lucas had a success with American Graffiti, had a major failure and had to scramble just to find someone who’d help him release Star Wars, and the rest is history. We know how Oprah was working as a news correspondent at a Chicago station and someone asked if she would do a 30 minute talk show with local celebrities and how she grew that into a multimedia empire.

An important facet she worked hard to get across was that when we tell our stories, we need to make sure that we’re the heroes of our story. It doesn’t matter that we help others achieve what we’re paid for; the fact is that we as the consultants must be willing to be heroic as well because everyone loves a hero. That’s why so many movies end with a happy ending.

It’s a different way for many consultants to think of how to market themselves. Yet it makes a lot of sense because no one can tell our stories better than we can, and it makes us take a look at ourselves in a much different way.

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