The Professional Consultant’s Association of Central New York will be having as its guest speaker on February 11th at 8AM Lisa Deveau of Completely Organized, who will be speaking to us on the importance of time management and technology tools that consultants can use in their daily business.

Lisa DeVeau

For anyone who’s never been to a PCA meeting before, you’re missing something pretty interesting. PCA meets on the 2nd Friday of every month from October through June. We always start out by going around the room and introducing ourselves to practice giving our 30-second speech. After that we talk about general business that anyone wishes to introduce. Sometimes it ends up being a conversation of what’s going on around town. Sometimes it’s the opportunity for someone to ask the group about something. It can be almost anything, and the discussions are generally helpful or informative.

Then our speaker usually gets going around 8:30. Sometimes our speaker is a group member leading what we call a roundtable discussion on a business topic that all consultants have to deal with. This year already we’ve talked about business contracts, pricing, and the concept of “I” vs. “We”. Our presenters learn pretty quickly that this is a group that will ask a lot of questions as well as present commentary on what they’re talking about. But we’ve been blown away by some presentations, as we sometimes have a business owner who started just like the rest of us and achieved success that we all would love to attain.

If you’d like to attend this meeting or any meeting in the future, you can either call (315) 476-4229 or send an email to to confirm. Now, it’s $25 if you come on your own, but if you come as a sponsored guest then it’ll only cost you $10, and sometimes, if you know the sponsor, they’ll cover the costs for you. Where can you find a possible sponsor? Check out our consultant locator and look someone up. We’d love to have you come to a meeting, and if you ended up becoming a member also, that wouldn’t depress us.

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