At the PCA meeting this coming Friday, December 9th, the presenter will be Rick Olszewski of Peak Performance speaking to us on the topic of Artful Negotiation.

Richard J. Olzsweski

Many of us in PCA have known Rick for a long time. He gives a very energetic presentation, as he always has at Peak. This is a company that offers sales training classes for businesses of all size, and depending on the company will either do them on site or invite participants to their training room at the Dermody, Burke & Brown building on Franklin Street. The president of Peak Performance is Pete Morrissey, but DBB actually owns (partners, but we all know what that means) the organization, whose training is based on the Sandler system.

As always, if this is your first or second meeting the cost to you is only $20, and the meeting is at the Centerstate CEO building at 572 South Salina Street. We start at 8AM with some networking, then introductions and organizational business follows and Rick O, as he’s known by, will start around 8:30 and run until close to 10AM. Trust me, if you come to his presentation you’ll easily get your money’s worth, as his training usually costs a lot more than $20; that and you can ask questions.

Hope to see you there.

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