On October 14th starting at 8AM, the Professional Consultants Association meeting will feature Mitch Mitchell of SEO Xcellence talking about Social Media for Business. This will be a truncated presentation from his presentation last summer titled “Making A Splash With Social Media Marketing”.

Mr. Mitchell is a member of PCA, and also manages their website, writes most of the articles for this blog, and writes their monthly newsletter. He will also be presenting at this year’s BizBuzz Social Media Conference on November 1st on the topic The Business of Blogging As A Social Media Platform.

If you’ve never been to a meeting of the PCA you should consider coming to this one, as it’s the first meeting of the year. A typical meeting goes like this. The group first goes around and has everyone introduce themselves and give what should be their 30-second elevator speech; sometimes that speech goes a little longer. Then we talk about events in the area and any news that anyone feels is pertinent to the group.

Some months we have what we call a Spotlight presentation where a member of the organization is encouraged to talk about their business. They are given 5 minutes to present whatever aspect of their business they wish to talk about, then 5 minutes to answer any questions.

After that it’s presentation time. We either have a speaker come to the presentation or we have what’s called a Roundtable, where we have a topic and a moderator, one of the members, and everyone gets to participate. After all, everyone in the room is a consultant, and some of the people have been consultants for a long time.

The first visit to a PCA meeting only costs $10, and our meetings are at the Centerstate CEO building, 572 South Salina Street, Syracuse NY, in one of their conference rooms. We meet the 2nd Friday of every month unless we have to move because the chamber needs both rooms. We’d love to have you join us.

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