The board members of the Professional Consultants Association are looking for its present members to help us determine how to increase our membership, as well as offer suggestions of the type of information you’d like us to bring to our meetings.

In our board meetings, we have come up with some ideas that help strengthen our present membership, such as our membership directory, our once a year get together’s outside of our regular meetings, our offer to any member to give a member spotlight at any regular meeting, a virtual webpage on the PCA website, an offer to write articles for both the website or the newsletter, and of course the monthly newsletter during our meetings season.

The board also tries to put together meeting topics that we hope address the needs of our members. Our main presenters are geared towards successful business owners and consultants, sales and marketing trainers, and emerging technologies that could help us do our business better . We also enjoy setting up roundtables where all the members can share in what both frustrates them and helps them with business.

All we request is that everyone be vigilant in helping the group grow and stay relevant. Think about inviting others to our meetings. Come up with new topics and share them with a board member. If you’re someone thinking about looking at PCA as an organization come see what we do, join, and then offer your suggestions as well. We’re very accommodating in trying to give all our members and our guests something that will help them be better business people.

And always remember that we’re here for you, and that’s why we went it to be as successful and relevant as possible.

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