All members of the Professional Consultants Association of Central New York, Inc. (PCA of CNY, PCA) provide consulting services. No two members are exactly the same -- they differ in their target markets, services provided, or both.  The main benefit we all receive is the opportunity to learn -- from each other and from our speakers.

Because we learn from each other by sharing information about successes and failures, we suggest you attend two meetings so you can get to know us, and we can get to know you, before deciding to join.  See Visit Meetings below to register for a meeting.  If you decide to join, your visitor's fee is applied towards your membership dues.

Members have an opportunity to share sknowledge with each otherBenefits of Membership

  • Immediate and direct access to the talent pool of PCA members
  • Hear and learn from quality speakers during most monthly meeting programs
  • Discuss (learn from and share with other members) specific topics relevant to consultants during "Round table" meeting programs.
  • Share a predicament or possibility to get group feedback during an occasional "Problem solving" segment at monthly meetings
  • List your practice on the PCA website with links to your website
  • Make a 5-minute presentation on the nature of your consulting practice (so other members will know when to ask you to join them as a subcontractor with a specific client, or refer you to a client) during the "Member spotlight" segment of monthly meetings
  • Bring a guest to any regular meeting for free (Each guest limited to one meeting)
  • No additional cost for attending regular monthly meetings

Is PCA Membership Right For You?


  • Provide consulting services
    • Principal members have an equity interest in a consulting firm and work full-time as a consultant
    • Associate members are either "in-house" consultants, part-time consultants, or new to the consulting profession
  • Have a strong working competency (as evidenced by a degree or work experience) in the consulting specialty, or specialties, offered

Participation Requirements

  • Maintain and promote high ethical and professional standards
  • Regularly attend PCA monthly meetings and actively participate in a professional and appropriate manner
  • Help promote PCA to the business community and prospetive members
  • Keep dues payments current

Here's How to Join

Visit Meetings

The cost for visiting a meeting is $25, and will be applied to your membership dues if you chose to join PCA and are accepted as a member.

You may pay the fee now or when you arrive at the meeting.

The meeting schedule, including location, program dates and program summaries is available here.

Prepare Application

Be sure you have read and agree with the Code of Ethics.

Be prepared to answer:

  • The name of your member sponsor (optional)
  • The type of membership you are applying for
  • Description of your consulting specialty
  • Services Offered
  • Credentials/Proficiencies
  • Typical client problems solved

Have a copy of your resume available for upload in Microsoft Word or PDF Format (.doc, .docx, .pdf)


Watch for Status Email

This email will notify you if your application into PCA has been accepted as well as the balance for your membership dues.

Soon after you pay your dues, you will be added to the online membership directory. You will be able to use the login you created during the application process to add additional information to your directory listing.

Membership Dues