The Professional Consultants Association of Central New York organization has been in existence since 1995. We are an organization of independent business owners whose goal is to establish, train, and certify credible consultants that any business that has a need can search for and know that if a consultant in the Syracuse or central New York area is a part of this group, they’ve been vetted as legitimate consultants.

How do we do that? We have a membership page where, if someone decides they want to be a part of our group, they have to download 3 forms, one of those a code of ethics form. We take ethics of consultants very seriously because we know that there are many people who wonder whether consultants are there for them or for themselves.

Of course, we also differ in how we classify consultants, per se. Not everyone who can do the duties of a consultant would be called a consultant necessarily. For instance, a quick look at our group as it presently stands has the overwhelming majority not really calling themselves a consultant, although in some fashion we all do consulting. We have an accountant who consults people on tax and business issues. We have a financial planner who consults people on setting up long term investments. We have a PH.D. food scientist who consults with companies that wish to mass produce food and can’t get it right. And we have a couple of business brokers who consult with businesses that are trying to sell their business and individuals that are looking for businesses to buy.

We hope that you stop by this blog often, as we hope to have articles talking about what consulting is all about, as well as business issues in general that individuals have to deal with. And we’ll love seeing your comments as well.

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