Advice and Commentary on the World of Professional Consulting

Using Technology For Publicity

At the last Professional Consultants Association of Central New York meeting on April 12th, our presenter, Levi Spires, talked about his goal of trying to get elected to the New York State legislature and how he used technology to try to accomplish that goal. Even though he was unsuccessful in his bid, he wasn’t far off while running against a 20-year incumbent, and felt that using the new tools available to him helped get him closer to his goal than trying to run a traditional campaign.

Learning What Information To Trust Online

In February, we had Jill Hurst-Wahl of Syracuse University and Hurst Associates give a presentation to the Professional Consultants Association of Central New York on the topic of learning how to find trustworthy information online. As consultants, it’s important for us to have the right information when we talk to clients, and yet there’s so much information that it can get confusing.

Business and Personal Ethics

Last April the Professional Consultant’s Association of Central New York had a presentation on the topic of ethics presented by Arnie Poltensen, and it was a pretty powerful conversation. On the surface, everyone seems to have the same personal ethics, and yet once the discussions began, we started to realize that based on background and history and experiences not everyone sees those ethics in the same way.

Scheduling And Planning Time

At the November meeting for the Professional Consultants Association of Central New York, the topic was using technology to schedule and plan one’s time by using things such as Microsoft Outlook. That’s because it’s a program that allows not only email but the ability to do all sorts of planning, note taking, creating folders and then colorize things so that you can identify priorities by sight quickly. Of course not everyone uses Outlook, which is why process is more important than whatever tool one uses.

Entrepreneurship In The 21st Century

On October 12th the Professional Consultants Association of Central New York had its first meeting of the new year. Our presenter was Nasir Ali of Upstate Venture Connect, a non-profit organization that helps new and emerging businesses find both business structure and capital to work with towards multiple goals. One of those goals is working towards keeping talent in the central New York area. The other is helping those businesses grow so they’ll create new and good paying jobs in the community.