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Common Courtesy

One of the biggest gripes I have about modern business today concerns the issue of common courtesy. It's a major failing of not only businesses but of consultants to get back to someone in a timely fashion, and I feel that it says volumes for each as to whether or not business will be transacted between the two.

Mitch Mitchell

I spent 18 years working in a relatively traditional business, although most people wouldn't consider working in a hospital as traditional. But it was; we received calls from clients just about as often as those who work in other businesses did.

We received the same kinds of advertisements through regular or email that everyone else did. Business is business, even if the vendors, or as we like to call them, corporate partners, were from different fields than many other businesses deal with.

As a hospital director, I was inundated with solicitations on a daily basis. Whereas I will acknowledge that I didn't often respond to the mailings that came, I at least opened every single one of them to give them a glance. I always returned every phone call I received, and I also always responded to every email I received.

I didn't do it for the most part because I wanted to partake of the services; I did it because it was the common courtesy thing to do. I did it because it's how I wanted people to treat my correspondences with them.

I have found, since I started my own business, that I've had to develop an even thicker skin than I did as a director. People can be rude, whether it's to your face or just by ignoring your trying to contact them, even when they may have initiated events. They don't see it as being rude; they see it as a nuisance, something that takes time away from their daily operation.

What Is A Consultant?

The first article ever on the PCA website was the one below by the former president of PCA, Richard Snyder. It's been used as an article that many of the posts on this blog have linked to over the past few years.

When the website was updated, it included an update to the blog as well. One of the pages we decided to remove was our articles page, since we only had 3 articles on it. Anne Notarthomas was able to get the previous blog posts to link to the article, which she put into its own directory. However, that meant that the only way people could see Dick's great article was if they saw the link in a previous blog post.

The Fresh, Newly Updated Professional Consultant's Association Website!

If you're a returning visitor, a new or old member, or someone who's stopping by for the first time, welcome to the new look Professional Consultants Association website.  Under the creative direction of Anne Notarthomas of eKamria, who's also a PCA member, with input from the PCA board, the website was updated to this newer, cleaner look.

Do You Follow Your Own Advice?

At the latest Professional Consultant’s Association meeting, the topic of discussing during what we call a roundtable event was “Why The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes!” If you know the story, it involves a poor cobbler who makes shoes to sell to customers for food to feed his family, yet doesn’t make enough money to make shoes for his own children and never even thinks about doing so.

Our version of this was this question: What advice do you give to others that you don’t follow yourself all the time?

The Dip

The peace building, consultant solopreneur can’t wait until they are “in the mood.”

The fact is, the person building a project, always goes on, whether they feel like it or not.