Advice and Commentary on the World of Professional Consulting

One of the problems many consultants have is that they can only work with one client at a time. Often it’s because of travel, or because the contract is so large that they can only concentrate on that one thing and nothing else.

One of the biggest problems consultants have is getting a handle on marketing. Even sales consultants can find themselves fighting an uphill battle here and there, and they have the skills to know how to get over the hump more than a lot of other types of consultants.

The first article ever listed on the Professional Consultant’s Association website was titled What Is A Consultant?, which came out early in the 2000’s and was written by our just retired former president. The 3rd article written on this blog was titled Are You A Consultant?. Two articles, 8 years apart, with each article containing some things that were similar and yet some things that were dissimilar.

Many people who go into independent consulting have a background where, at some point, they taught others how to do something, even if they were the main instruments for getting things done. Consultants often go into situations where they have to make critical change decisions or recommendations, and sometimes are tasked with implementation of those ideas.

The Professional Consultants Association of Central New York is about to embark on another year of meetings geared towards making us all better consultants. Sometimes we have meetings where we learn more about what’s going on in the area or in industries that we should know more about to help us along, like technology, but for the most part we hope to always get better in areas that will help us grow and become better business people at what we do.