This is an interesting twist on a common question we’re known to address. We have a post titled What Is A Consultant, and one titled What Is A Consultant – Revisited. Now it’s time to address the issue of just why there’s a need for consultants.

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Most of us who are consultants figure we know why people need us. We offer expertise, a different perspective on their issues, and often a way to fix things. Our costs are high in a way yet we’re not permanent, and we’re not a threat to anyone’s job. Or are we?

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I don’t think anyone who’s a consultant thinks of themselves as dumb. As a matter of fact, though one doesn’t have to be Mensa genius to be a consultant, it takes a certain amount of skill, chutzpah and nerve to be one, especially an independent consultant.

One question that’s always out there for consultants and others who work for themselves, or even own small businesses, is how much should they charge for services. Truthfully, even seasoned consultants struggle with this question.

The Professional Consultant’s Association meeting on Friday, January 9th was on the topic of “Being a Thought Leader). The meeting was a roundtable discussion of the membership, which happens from time to time, and was led by one of our members, Ken Samuelson, based on a webinar he participated with some time earlier.

If there was a new Robin Hood story, what consistent elements would be present? We would expect him to rob from the rich and gave to the poor. We would expect him to perform feats of daring, through spectacular archery and fencing skills. We would expect the legend and what we know to be the Robin Hood we already know and enjoy.