Other than large consulting companies that often hire consultants right out of college and train them in the ways of that company, most consultants have some seasoning behind them. Many consultants get to a certain point in their careers where they determine that it’s time to go out on their own and make their mark on the world. Sure, sometimes it’s a lot more self serving than that, but the truth is that something pushes us into trying to make money on our own in some fashion.

by Mitch Mitchell

Two years ago I did an interview on a radio show talking about the subject of reinventing oneself. The interviewer was very interested in the concept of how one can start out doing one thing, yet have many skills that probably weren’t thought of before in finding different ways to make money.

There are basically two types of consulting businesses. The first is the large consulting firm that employs not only a bunch of consultants, but people who do other things as well. The second is the independent consultant, an individual who decides he or she doesn’t want to be a part of the corporate structure, wants to work on their own in some capacity, and is fairly flexible in the types of things that they will work on.

The board members of the PCA would like to thank all of its members for their continued membership in the organization. However, we have two requests of our members as we try to make this organization more viable and instructional for everyone.

The state of the consulting world is in flux at this moment in time. At the time we had our first PCA meeting of the 2008 – 2009 year, we all knew that the economy was in the midst of a freefall. Anyone who was paying attention to the market and the news knew that we were heading in the wrong direction, and it didn’t look like we’d be turning things around any time soon.