The members of the Professional Consultants Association of Central New York already know about this so we’re putting it out to everyone else. Something the board of directors has been working on that we feel is important for the ethics we hope to project for our members is a certification process. Our belief is that earning a certification shows that your peers believe you to be top notch and ethical and worthy of something more than just calling yourself a consultant.

The board members of the Professional Consultants Association are looking for its present members to help us determine how to increase our membership, as well as offer suggestions of the type of information you’d like us to bring to our meetings.

It’s been an interesting last 5 years for the Professional Consultants Association. Suffice it to say we’ve had our ups and downs. The thing is, this type of thing isn’t exclusive to PCA; it’s the type of thing that’s happening to groups of all sorts across the country.

The Professional Consultants Association of Central New York organization has been in existence since 1995. We are an organization of independent business owners whose goal is to establish, train, and certify credible consultants that any business that has a need can search for and know that if a consultant in the Syracuse or central New York area is a part of this group, they’ve been vetted as legitimate consultants.