On Friday September 11th we had the honor of having our first meeting of the new season at the One Group Center at 706 N. Clinton Avenue in Syracuse. Our presenter was the CEO of the company, Pierre J. Morrisseau, and he talked about the process of pulling together which was basically 11 or more separate companies into one.

Pierre J. Morrisseau speaking to the Professional Consultants AssociationThere were two things that were amazing about the presentation.

One, you start to discover that having companies that do similar thing does not necessarily mean that they have a similar idea of culture. Each of the company felt that they have their own identity, and there were going to work hard to keep that identity even after recognizing that they were part of a larger group. Some of the companies saw themselves as consulting, whereas others saw themselves as service providers.

What Pierre and many of the other leaders in the company had to do was find a way to break down the bonds and get everybody to understand that it was all for one, which is what helped them to come to the name of the organization. That's not always as easy as it sounds.

There’s often the question of small businesses, especially consultants, of whether there’s any reason to join a Chamber of Commerce or not. I hear this question often from new consultants, but I also hear from consultants who have been in business a long time that a Chamber of Commerce hasn’t done anything for them.