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Are You A Consultant?

On the main PCA website, we have a page where there are a few articles from some of our members. One of our articles is titled What Is A Consultant and was written by Richard Snyder, president of Cost Reduction Partners and also the president of PCA.

Is Self Employment For You?

It can be scary when a consultant first thinks about going into business for themselves. It’s even scary for someone who’s been a consultant for awhile also. Sometimes one wonders, if they’re struggling, if they’re cut out for the independent consulting business.

Welcome To The Professional Consultants Association of CNY Blog!

The Professional Consultants Association of Central New York organization has been in existence since 1995. We are an organization of independent business owners whose goal is to establish, train, and certify credible consultants that any business that has a need can search for and know that if a consultant in the Syracuse or central New York area is a part of this group, they’ve been vetted as legitimate consultants.