Advice and Commentary on the World of Professional Consulting

One of the biggest problems independent consultants have is budgeting their time to get things done, which includes trying to get new clients and customers for their services. It’s something we’ve all struggled with from time to time myself. However, I’m one of those people who works well with systems, and, though this is something different, I feel it’s worth recommending something that might help.

The Professional Consultant’s Association of Central New York will be having as its guest speaker on February 11th at 8AM Lisa Deveau of Completely Organized, who will be speaking to us on the importance of time management and technology tools that consultants can use in their daily business.

How many consultants really want business? I assume the answer is all of them. This may be true, but the other side of truth is that many consultants forget that the practices they hate in others are sometimes the practices they exhibit towards others. Let me explain.

On the main PCA website, we have a page where there are a few articles from some of our members. One of our articles is titled What Is A Consultant and was written by Richard Snyder, president of Cost Reduction Partners and also the president of PCA.

It can be scary when a consultant first thinks about going into business for themselves. It’s even scary for someone who’s been a consultant for awhile also. Sometimes one wonders, if they’re struggling, if they’re cut out for the independent consulting business.