If you're a returning visitor, a new or old member, or someone who's stopping by for the first time, welcome to the new look Professional Consultants Association website.  Under the creative direction of Anne Notarthomas of eKamria, who's also a PCA member, with input from the PCA board, the website was updated to this newer, cleaner look.

A lot of the original content stayed in some form or another, although some things were rewritten.  You'll notice that some tabs going across the top become drop-down menus; that's something new.  Something else that's pretty new are all the images on the site.  We did have some images on the blog and a few members had images on their business pages, but the previous site didn't have any...probably because we never took any.  And, except for the presenter on the first page, everyone you see is a member at the present time.  No promises that will continue to be the case in a couple of years but we hope so.

One new page that's been added is called Hiring Tips.  We're not a tip club by any means, but we only allow members whose qualifications are top notch.  We have consultants in a host of different businesses, and you can look at our member directory, put in a search term, and hopefully come up with someone who can serve your purposes.  Anyway, the hiring tips page is for those people who visit the site and want to learn how to vet a consultant they might want to work with.  You won't find any other consulting organization in the nation giving you that kind of advice.

It's doubtful, but you probably won't find any other organization with a code of ethics page either.  For over a decade I know we were the only organization in the nations that had this, and it was our most visited page overall.  If anyone else has one now they got the idea from us? :-)

In any case we hope you look around, including at the blog, to see the new look, the changes, the things that are familiar, and if you're a potential member, keep your eyes on our meeting schedule page.  We're off for the summer but back in September, and our hope is that by the beginning of August at the latest we'll have put together our entire year's worth of programs.

Also, this might be one of the shortest posts on this blog you'll ever see, but we wanted to get the word out since we've only had our new look live for about a week.  We hope you enjoy it and, if you're a potential member, we hope this encourages you to give us a look.

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